29 May 2012


Well, on Friday we left town to go to Rockport! We got there pretty late, so we didn't do much besides going to bed.


Saturday, we decided to go into Corpus to visit some of the local yarn stores. There are two stores, apparently. Knotty Girl Knits and The Studio. We were especially excited about going to The Studio, since they are closing their physical location as of the end of this month. However, it turns out that both of them were closed for the holiday weekend. Boo!

However, there is a silver lining! We had no idea where to go get a bite to eat and so we stopped at a chocolate shop across the street to, um... think. It ended up being a wonderful, fabulous place called Gourmet Chocolatier. The guy inside was very helpful and somehow lured us into the trap:

 I have this woman trap... here, let me show you it.

There was quite an excellent selection of dark chocolates, and I purchased some for my personal enjoyment! They also let us have a sample of their chocolate pudding. It was quite excellent and I would suggest it in a heartbeat. The wrapping on the chocolates was quite fancy!

...and so were the contents!

We ended up taking his advice and having lunch at Water Street Oyster Bar. The food was good and I enjoyed the atmosphere. Afterwards, we went walking around the shopping center behind the restaurant and I ended up buying some little nick nacks. I'm not that sort of person, but these were Items of Superior Adorableness. 

 SNAIL! Squee!

I also got a really cute pelican for my grandma because she collects them. I am so sorry, I seem to suck at taking pictures and managed to get my finger in the shot. Bah!

Then, we had some great dinner with my grandma and everyone around. It was a really awesome day!


Well, a few of us went to the beach in Rockport on Sunday. There was, sadly, a swarm of jellyfish. It was quite frightening, really. We tried to stick it out a while, but eventually were herded in to shore. We sat on the beach for a bit, then packed up and went to the Aquarium at Rockport Harbor. I have an entire album of photos, but there are a few that are my favorites.

Hi, I'm a fish and I don't really move. I am pretty cool, though.

Hi, I'm a crab and the hell mouth is not just found in Joss Whedon productions!

Hi! I'm another fish and this is the only clear picture you will get of me! Hah!

Anyway, that was the aquarium. It was a lot of fun and it's free, so if you're in the area it's a lot of fun to check out! 

  Afterward, we went to go eat at Los Comales restaurant. They have some good food, though I think they've gone down hill recently. It was rather amusing, because they have put questions on the tables with answers on the ads, so you have to read them. I think they really should have had someone edit the design, though.

it's =/= its

Afterward, we went to the Used Book WarehouseI didn't get anything, but there have been times when I find some really interesting stuff there! It's worth swinging by if you can. It's full of interesting things, at least.


We left on Monday. It was quite a long drive and quite a bit of fun. We made little stops here and there, but nothing too terribly noteworthy. We went to my grandma's and my friend helped fix her sewing machine. She makes some of the most interesting things and I have been trying to convince her to start up an etsy store! She made this bag and I think it would be a perfect project bag for small things like socks!

 So, if you think so too please let me know and I will bother her more often and shamelessly flaunt her awesome stuff here! :)

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