13 May 2012

Spinning Insanity

Lately, I have been jumping in on the spinning bandwagon again. I'm glad. I have seen a huge amount of progress in the past few weeks. So, let's give a time line, shall we?

This yarn was spun up on 4-26-2012, the day I quit smoking. I will be honest, it seems spinning has helped me out quite a bit in quitting. This was spun up from some merino I purchased at Yarnivore and it's dyed locally by Alisha Goes Around. Her yarns were also at Yellow Rose, but I did not purchase anything of hers there because my local yarn shop carries her stuff. I also did not see any roving, which made me sad because I was very happy with what I got. Anyway, I actually purchased this wool quite some time ago when I was experimenting with spindling. I do still use a drop spindle here and there, and have determined that I am just better off with a bottom whorl drop spindle instead, but I stick with the wheel more often. Anyway, this is the yarn that I ended up spinning. It's... not very good. I did not record the yardage, which if I do recall was actually quite small (about 40), but it's an attempt at navajo plying. The best demo I have ever seen of this is this:

Anyway, this is the result:

I was honest, it does not look great! However, I had a bit of that roving left over s I decided to do something else with it the next day. I went ahead and spun it into a single and then plied it with a single of undyed Australian wool I spun from some roving I had laying around I had bought from Dharma Trading. Anyway, it came out much, much better. It's just a traditional 2-ply. It came out to about worsted weight and 120 yards. I really like it and hope to knit up Calorimetry from it. It's the perfect yardage for it.

Then, I went over to Yarnivore that weekend and could not help myself. I bought some BFL top and spun it up. In reality, the yarn is dyed varied orangey browns to greys, but it came out orange and brown so it's the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Yarn, officially. It also had some thick and thin here and there, but I think it came out better, still. 175 yards, 2-ply, worsted-ish.

The single:


Next is the yarn I was spinning when I posted my last blog entry. I purchased the fiber from Natural Obsessions. It's Targhee wool in her denim colorway, 4 oz. It was unfortunately too much for one skein, so there is one that is 190ish yards and another that's 40ish, so probably somewhere around 230 yards total. It came out to be a mostly worsted weight yarn. I keep spinning thicker yarns, but I know that I'm getting thinner and thinner singles as I go on, so hopefully I will be doing better. This also had more thick/thin problems than I am happy with, but it's better than before. Also, this is the first yarn I wound up on my new niddy noddy I ordered from Nancy's Knit Knacks. I love it. Really.



Now, finally... the fiber that I was gifted by Lazy Pi Farm's Jules. She is an awesome person and we compete on the Battlestar Galactica FPB group on Ravelry. Anyway, she gave me a few ounces of fiber from her farm and I was very happy to receive it. It's the shiniest yarn I have ever seen. It's breathtaking. I look at it and wonder how I did that. It's yarn I would see at the store and want. Anyway, it came out to something around sport or DK weight, 120 yards with some slight fluctuations out of that range, but the thick/thin is minor, as compared, and nowhere near as frequent as with the targhee yarn. It's also the first time I have done end-to-end plying. It's where you take your single, wind it up into a ball, then ply it from the outside and inside so it goes from one long single to a 2-ply. Anyway, it's a neat technique and it explains why it's wound up in the ball in the single picture.



Anyway, I need to figure out what to do with all of this yarn! :) However, I have decided to jump in on Tour de Fleece this year. I'm excited about it! I will be on the rookie team if anyone is interested in joining us! :)

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