20 May 2012

So Fancy!

Well, last night my family and I had dinner together. This is not a meal we have very often, but it's something a few friends have remarked is interesting and unique. We have "snobby night" or "fancy night" or "cheese and wine night". They're all the same concept, but we change the name every so often. My brother does not have any memory of experiencing this before, so I think it's been quite some time since we've done this so, yeah. Info for you!

The concept is we have a bunch of cheese, deli meats, crackers, fresh fruit, artisan bread, olives, nuts, etc all spread out. The picture above does not have most of the meal there, sadly, but I could only get a snapshot of it before the swarm came by and unfortunately not everything was laid out at that point.

We tend to have lots of food leftover for several days, so it is pretty good for snacking later. It's essentially finger foods for a meal. Everyone has their plate and we camp out in the living room watching a movie and eating. It's a really cool experience, since we tend to share which particular cheese/cracker/meat/olive/fruit/etc combination is particularly tasty. It's generally just really fun.

However, I did mention wine in this and here is what we do for this particular type. You get some fairly cheap strawberry or any type of fruit wine that is not grape, we usually go for Arbor Mist brand, and add the type of fruit it's made from. It sits and soaks up the flavor and ends up being a lovely surprise at the end of the glass. We went for strawberry wine this time around!

It ends up being a beautiful addition. We usually add the fruit to the actual wine bottle, but my sister seems to have developed some sort of minor allergy to strawberries. It's still good, though!

I am not going to even pretend that this is cheap fare, but it is nice every so often. My brother commented that something special must have happened because all of this was so fancy! He is a cute kid and he really enjoyed the meal. We had crab salad added in, mainly for his benefit, and he went nuts over it.

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