13 December 2012

Unfuck My Habitat Challenge

I have to admit... I live in a total mess. I need to clean up my living space. It's causing mental distress and it's just damn wrong. I deserve better. So, starting today, I am accepting the challenge to unfuck my habitat. There's a lovely tumblr group out there and even an iPhone app.

My goals are simple: get something done every day. Three things in my bedroom that need to be done before work each and every day. Whether it's changing my sheets or reorganizing my books or cleaning off my bedside table. My goal is to have my bedroom looking like a person lives here by January 1st. On my days off, I will be doing either additional things or more difficult and time consuming ones.

The whole idea behind unfuck your habitat is to do 20 minutes of work at a time and then rest. This helps avoid burn out and you get more done doing a little a few times every day than you do in a cleaning frenzy. So, wish me luck!

Today's unfucking included putting my clean work uniforms away in the closet, put my new sheets set on the bed, and wash one load of clothes. I'll be staying up long enough to pop my things in the dryer and then go to bed. I feel rather awful and I'm afraid I'm getting sick or something.