10 May 2013

It Begins

So, today I signed up for a gym membership at Planet Fitness. It's been a long time coming and I am glad that I finally did it. So, I went up there today after a few setbacks that were quite irritating. I ended up not able to use the weight lifting stuff because the entire area was swarming with young men, but it appears that it will suit my needs perfectly. Anyway, I ended up spending my visit on a stationary bike (which, by the way, I have one at home why I decided to use that piece of equipment is beyond me) and scoping out the equipment. 

In great news, I got a new watch. It lights up fancy colors! 


03 February 2013

Spinning in the New Year!

Okay, so I have various things to report, but my favorite will be the subject of this post. I spun awesome yarn. It looks absolutely amazing. I got my fiber, pretty much as per usual, at NaturalObsessions. Her fiber is of EXCELLENT quality and I would suggest her products to absolutely anyone.

4 oz of BFL arrived at my house and I began working with it in, like, November...

So, the singles looked really great:

The yarn looked really great and came out to 510 yards of light fingering weight with only two knots in it. Yay!

And my typical "gauge swatch" for handspun or hand-dyed yarns looked really great in my sock yarn blankie:

I, sadly, will have no other FO for this particular yarn, as I spun it up for a friend. It turns out it goes perfectly with the yarn we dyed for her birthday and will be the perfect counterbalance for a knit dragon she is making. Huzzah! (See? Perfect!)

So, please enjoy my yarny porn!