24 May 2012

Spinning Candy!

So, I bought some roving from WishFox Dyeworks on a whim. I absolutely adored it. It came in just in time to be worked on at the big spinning meetup at Yarnivore and everyone thought it was rather wild and (hopefully?) awesome. I got quite a bit done that day, then worked on it a little here and there and finally finished it today!

My, that is one full bobbin you have, there!

It was 5 oz of fiber and I surprisingly managed to fit all of it onto that bobbin. I know last night I made a comment about how it never all fits on one, but I managed it this time, even with an extra ounce of fiber to work with. I plied it from both ends in a ball format and it became this:

350 yards of glorious, wonderful sport weight (15 wpi) yarn in the most kooky colors imaginable. Perhaps this will become a moebius cowl of some type. I haven't decided. Also, part of me is kicking myself for even thinking of it because there's pretty much exactly thirty seconds I would ever want to use a cowl in south Texas. Seriously. Anyway, no matter what it is I am sure it will be interesting. 

This is the thinnest I have ever spun, but I have not met my goal of spinning actual sockweight yarn yet and, while this makes me kind of sad, I think I could have done it if I had taken more time to spin it and plied a bit tighter, since the plying is actually quite loose. We will see how the next experiment goes.

I do know that I want to get a wpi tool because measuring it the old-fashioned way was not fun. There is one really, really cute one on etsy and I might get it if it's still there when I get home on Sunday. We will see. I really should not run around and buy ALL THE THINGS, but I love the little smiley face. I'm a total sucker for cute little things that are also useful.

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