23 May 2012

Myriad Update - May 2012

Well, part of my challenge this month was to knit one sock yarn square for my blanket for each day in the month. They are not big squares and I finished a bit early and thought I'd share pictures!

That's only the section of the blanket that I worked on this month. That's about half the width. I have another picture, which is not as pretty, but I drew in a line marking where the squares I made this month begin.

I particularly like the really big red one. I count that as four squares as it's the size of four and the same number of stitches. At first, I told myself I didn't want to make a big square because it's clunky and takes more than a few minutes to knit, but the gradient yarn is so pretty it does no justice to make little squares that don't show the color changes.

Anyway, one of these days I will take pictures of the giant, huge blanket in its entirety. It's funny because now it's at a width where most people mistake it for a scarf of some kind!

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