12 January 2012

Work insanity with larger socks...

So, the new patient thing did not go exactly according to plan. Specifically because dementia patients can be rather fickle. She threw a paranoid fit about me being there at all and I was dismissed at 2 after the weirdest series of phone calls with the patient's two daughters. So, needless to say, I again am looking forward to a ludicrous amount of time on my hands and even less time to find alternative employment with which to fill it because class starts on Tuesday. Bah.

The good news is I've got the craziness with my new-to-me iPhone sorted. Witness it, folks. This is history. I am now officially in the modern age. Little Luddite me is typing out an entire blog entry on a smart phone. Do you detect that glorious scent on the zephyr of change? It's the stench of fear and progress. I'm sure the gift shop in Hell is now advertising a great sale on ice skates because it's entirely frozen.

At any rate, things will be ok. I just need to avoid flipping out. Work will have something for me soon. They always do. They told me on Monday that I would have nothing all week and see how that turned out? Things can change quickly in this business and freaking out is not going to help. So, I will leave you with a fabulous picture of my socks so far. Enjoy.

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