11 January 2012

Spinach/Tomato/Mushroom Chicken

So, tonight I cooked dinner. It turned out amazing and fabulous, as always. *snerk*

The idea initially originated with my sister saying, "You should bake some chicken with lots of garlic and spinach". Challenge accepted.... but I didn't want to leave it at that. So, I got 8 oz of sliced mushrooms from the store... pre-sliced because I am a lazy, lazy woman. LAZY. I got two roma tomatoes and chopped them, which was NOT lazy. It balances out.  I didn't put all of the roma tomatoes in with it, maybe only one and a half. The other half of the tomato went in with green beans. Huzzah. Anyway, there is also spinach. Not the crazy Popeye canned stuff, but the leafy fresh stuff.

Ingredients assembled! Away! I had intended to drizzle all of this with olive oil... but we were out so my dad had this interesting dipping olive oil, sort of like what they give you at Carino's, except purchased from a store and apparently outrageously expensive. So, I used it... and it was good. I have no idea what seasonings were in it, but I am going to shamelessly yoink my success from its clutches and laugh in its face.

So, you put the oil on the cookie sheet/roasting pan thing. Enough to coat. Put down a veritable bed of spinach. Season with garlic powder, minced garlic, paprika, and whatever the hell was in the dipping oil. Arrange chicken. Season again. Smatter the aforementioned tomatoes and mushrooms all over in a pretty sort of assembly.

Did I mention you should have preheated the oven? Yes. To 400 degrees. Place into oven. Cook for twenty minutes. Flip chicken breasts over, which is actually pretty hard because it has spinach stuck to it. Cook another twenty minutes or until done. Huzzah. You are finished. Serve on shameless wild rice in a box and nom until you can nom no more.

According to weight watchers, this has... three points for the chicken breast and I'm going to say 1 or 2 for the oil. Not too shabby. The rice itself probably only has about 5. I also served this with a teensy amount of green beans mixed with the tomato and some onion cooked in the microwave... because I'm fancy like that.

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