11 January 2012

Insanity (with socks!)

So, things have been going pretty insane for me in the past week. I have had a lot going on. Everything pretty much happened on Monday in a two-hour time period, too. I went to drop off time sheets at work and talked to my boss. She told me that the patient I had been working for passed away on Friday and no one was notified, so we could not have anyone attend the funeral. It makes me really, really sad. I am going to have to get a condolences card for my patient's wife. She must be in a very hard place, right now. Poor thing.

The other bad news was that, since he passed away, I was not going to be getting any work this week. That was a real bummer and horrible news since it happened the week before I start school. Oh, joy. I was flipping out thinking I was going to have to spend this week job hunting and hoping for something good to come of it. Anyway, today my boss called and told me that they just got a new patient with a 24 hour care order and I was getting first call on shifts. I went ahead and took Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. It's a hefty schedule, but I am more than happy for the hours and something to do.

Also, the check engine light came on in my car.  It's an older car and I knew I needed to get an oil change and such, so I hoped beyond hope that that was the problem. I took it in to Jiffy Lube yesterday and they changed the oil and the light went off. Yay! Also, they changed out the air filter so I should be getting somewhat better gas mileage, now. That's good.

Also, my iPhone is slowly getting to become mine. We are currently getting my mom's stuff off of it and resetting the settings on it. I'm pretty happy with it so far. All I have to do, now, is change my phone plan and swap the SIM card. I'm so happy. A phone that will not die after fifteen seconds of being used for something. Finally.

Also, I have started some socks for me. I started working on them because I was in dire need of therapy knitting with everything going on and I like them so far. It's a pattern called Monkey by Cookie A. It used to be a free pattern, but she published it in a book and, well, it's not free anymore. I like it and the other patterns in the book enough to have purchased the book, so there is that. The book is called Knit. Sock. Love. by Cookie A. If you enjoy knitting socks, I would suggest this book. I have it in .pdf format on my Nook. Very handy access, there. Also, I have another of her books called Sock Innovation and that one is very good, as well. I must admit, though, that I have never knit any of the socks in the book. When I purchased it, I was still very much a sock knitting newbie so I was sort of terrified of them. Not anymore. I plan to knit at least two other pairs of her socks this year. Probably for me. Because I want to be selfish so there.

I do not have current pictures of the sock, but I started it at 1 am on January 10th and have already turned the heel on the first one. I guess that's fast knitting? Anyway, I have the ravelry project page if anyone's interested. I will add pictures soon because I absolutely adore the yarn and the pattern. I promise. I just need to get a good handle on my phone/camera situation. I do have a sort of crazy initial picture to post, though.

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