30 June 2012

Spinner Study June 2012: Manx Loaghtan

So, this month I had some fiber I wanted to spin up as a part of the Spinner Study group on Rav. This is Manx Loaghtan from Gnomespun Yarns. I love the color and the fiber was so warm and fuzzy and amazing to play with while in braid format.

I had a lot of trouble working with this fiber, I have to be honest. It had a lot of nepps and stuff and was not particularly easy to get the trick of drafting. I had to massively mess with the tension on my spinning wheel and everything to get it somewhat consistent. It also took me absolutely forever. I can't even begin the rant on that. Spinning fine takes forever. Let's just leave it at that.

The resulting yarn was a light fingering, almost laceweight, at about 330 yards. Out of four ounces, it looks like well over an ounce was burned in the process with the nepps and a bit of loss of the single in the plying process. It was awful. It doesn't look too horrible, though.

I would not call it next-to-skin quality yarn and the skimpy yardage kind of makes it difficult for me to imagine a project. I'll think of something, though.

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