22 June 2012

Comic Nerdiness

Well, I have fallen down the rabbit hole... yet again. I have periods of time where I just get really into certain things and, right now, it's comics. I went to Dragon's Lair on Wednesday and picked up a few things:

I'm pretty sure that most of the people who would find this particular post interesting are aware of the fact that they are coming out with prequel comics to follow the storyline of the various characters of The Watchmen. I went ahead and picked up the original, as well, because it's been quite some time since I've read it and I do not own it. I have not read the prequels yet, because I've been distracted, but I am going through and rereading the original. More on that later, I hope.

Also pictured is the new Star Trek/ Doctor Who crossover comic. I have not actually read it yet, but from what I saw so far it does seem like it will be interesting.

Behind everything else is Y: The Last Man. This is an older comic, but it was suggested by someone and I have been meaning to pick it up and read it recently. I finally got the opportunity and I wish I had the cash to go and drop on buying the entire series because... yeah. It's really good. I don't know what it is, but I tend to love comics that really strive to deal with the definition of humanity and how we would do in a post-apocalyptic setting, like The Walking Dead. 

While I was there, I also saw a Dresden Files comic that looked really great but they only had issue 6 and, being me, I have to start at the beginning. I was bummed out, yeah, but  it's an interesting project to look in on here and there and see what I can find.

So, fast forward to today and I am discussing this with a friend of mine and he tells me that there is a comic book shop  called Dungeon Comix near his house and they apparently have a great selection. So, we go over there... and I end up walking out with a few things here and there but I also signed up for a membership because, well, I am crazy and the employees were very nice and immediately offered to order everything I was looking for. Plus, members get 10% off. Pretty good deal. I'm looking forward to stopping in there here and there.

I do still have a lot of customer loyalty to Dragon's Lair... but the way I see it they have more gaming supplies, dice, board games, etc... and Dungeon Comix is more of a strictly comic shop. They have tables for gaming and such, but I don't see how this would conflict with my business in either place. We will see.

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