05 February 2012

Working Out

Well, over the past week I've been working very hard to get a lot of activity in.

I started couch to 5k this week. I am using the iphone app called 5k runner. You can listen to music while doing it and it tells you when to walk and run. I had wanted to start on Monday, but I was called in to work so I went ahead and did my first run on Wednesday. My sister, her boyfriend, and my little brother all came along with me. It was great to have that support and everyone enjoyed it. The first run was rough. I think some of the problem is the heat. Yes, folks, I live in south Texas and it was pretty warm on Wednesday. Anyway, I did the second yesterday and it went much better than the first. The thing that helped is the fact that it has been cooler for the past few days. I am enjoying it. My sweater has been located. It went much better yesterday. I'm feeling very encouraged.

I did not go running today because the weather was rainy and nasty when I wanted to go. So, I decided to do 50 minutes on the exercise bike/spinner. I have been using a new app a friend introduced me to for that. It's called nexercise. I'm pretty happy with it. It tracks your activity and calculates experience points for it. It's pretty cool and I'd suggest it to people with an iPhone. I believe it's in beta for android, as well. I know someone else signed up to do beta testing. Cool app. I'm going to see if I can get nexercise and my 5k runner app to run simultaneously and see how that goes tomorrow. We will see.

I am very surprised at how I've been feeling about this. I have never been one for much physical activity and part of me has been terrified of how this would go, but I feel really great about it. We'll see how much I progress as time goes on.


  1. How will you feel about it? You'll hate it. You'll love it. And you will see that no matter what the scale has to say, you feel better. Although how that's possible I don't know because you're pretty freaking amazing for a polygon.

  2. BAH! I just now saw this! Thank you. What with the strange weather lately, I have been having trouble getting back on the running bandwagon.

    I start back on FRIDAY. We'll see how it goes.