08 April 2012

Finished BFFs

Well, I have finally finished the BFF socks I have been working on! They are beautiful.

I only had a slight problem on the second sock. It seems that, on the foot, I was not holding the needles tightly enough when transitioning from the top to the bottom so there is a little bit of laddering on the purl right before you transition to going to the bottom of the foot. I fixed this about halfway down by pulling the yarn very tight on the second stitch on the next needle and it seems to have worked itself out nicely enough. I only wish I had noticed it much sooner and started to do it before! Ah, well. I love them dearly, anyway. I work them outside to take a picture in the sunshine. I doubt I will be doing that again because merino is very soft and does not hold up very well. I worked hard on these socks and want them to last.

It's funny, last night as I was getting to the toe I was terrified that I was going to run out of yarn. The Tosh Sock does not have quite as much yardage as some of the other sock yarns I have seen out there, but I was left with a nice little hunk. I will be parceling it out to share with all of my friends who are knitting the sock yarn blanket. It is a gorgeous color and I have seen many an eye linger on it, ha!

I do not have very interesting project notes, but if anyone is interested in seeing how I did all of this with links to the pattern pages and whatnot, the link to mine is here. I think maybe next time I knit them (and I probably will, somewhere down the line) I will knit one sock with the normal cables and do the other with a cable to the back instead so they will be mirrored twins.

As soon as this project was finished, I of course went ahead and dove into another. I started another pair of socks. I am currently gauge swatching, but I plan to knit up Down The Rabbit Hole in Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the Peacock Multi colorway of old. It is apparently no longer available. Here is a picture of the starting supplies (sorry it's kind of blurry). I'm glad to be using this, because I feel it's important to use up some of my stash before going to Yellow Rose. Hopefully these socks will be finished by then and I will have a clear enough slate to look at everything available and get plenty of fresh ideas.

Well, that's about all for now. I hope everyone has as enjoyable an Easter as I am! I thought I was supposed to be working today, but when I arrived I found that I wasn't supposed to be there at all. Apparently there was a communication mix up with the boss. Hooray for waking up early and then not having to be at work, thus resulting in a longer day. I have no idea what we have planned for Easter dinner, but I'm glad it's not going to be too high-maintenance.

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