04 July 2012

Tour de Fleece - Days 3 and 4

Well, I have been spinning like a madwoman of late! I have pictures of my progress from yesterday, July 2nd:

It's not too terribly much, as I did not have too terribly much time to spin with everything going on. Today, I had a lot more time. I spent quite some time spinning at our weekly knitting meetup at Panera. The managers are really nice and there's a back corner that's perfect for setting up the wheel and getting to work. I also went ahead and turned up the tension on the wheel, which has helped so, so much. I am now spinning much faster and I'm pleased with the drastic amount of progress, as a result.

It's really not too bad, considering I spent much of the night indulging in some excellent wine!

I... drank the entire bottle. Well, I'm actually in progress with the last glass. Anyway, it's good wine and it's the last I'll be having for quite a while as I was prescribed a medication this morning that does not do well with alcohol, so boo!

I'm looking forward to finishing up that bobbin hopefully tomorrow, though there will be some crazy festivities with the 4th of July. Perhaps there will be action shots involving BBQ!


  1. Omg I really wish I had a spinning wheel! So much more even than spindle spinning...not to mention faster! Good work, even if you did indulge a little bit lol!

    1. It does seem to be a bit easier, obviously, because you have more flexibility to work with the fiber because the spin is being controlled with your feet. There is something to be said for spindling, though. I plan to dig my favorite out and hopefully do a bit for TdF with it.

      I'm also planning to maybe get a takli support spindle and work on some cotton... We will see how these plans go. :)