02 June 2011


I had intended to type up a quick post about the Scarborough Renaissance Festival trip, but I haven't had time. We've been getting ready to go to Arkansas to see my family to celebrate my great grandmother's 90th birthday. So, I'm going to just insert a quick blurb about what's been going on in the interim between trips and I will post about both of them when I get back. Huzzah!

Well, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with my surgeon. Despite the hideous wait even though I was on time for my appointment, it went well. I am doing well, well ahead of the curve. My right radius looks perfectly healed and my left femur is looking about 90% finished. I'm feeling really great, and he seemed very pleased with my progress. I did tell him to look into doing a clinical study on the benefits of kicking as applied to bone healing. I'm fairly certain it helped me.

Yesterday, unfortunately, did not have such an awesome feeling for very long. Our good ol' family dog, Missy, passed away. She was a sweet girl. I remember when we got her Labor Day weekend when I was eleven years old. She was my first dog and I doubt there's another dog in the world as special as she was... in both affection and stinky farts. There's not a whole lot I can really say about her. She was getting quite old, well over fourteen years, and we didn't expect her to do well this summer due to the heat. She lived a full life and will be missed. Rest in peace, girl.

Along with everything else, I finished up A Game of Thrones today and have begun A Clash of Kings. I also finished a sock. It doesn't fit Sarah very well, I think I'm going to make Dax wear them.

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